Every year most companies enjoy the tradition of throwing their staff a year end office party.To throw a successful event for your employees you would need to choose a creative and fun party theme.

A theme will improve your overall experience of your year end function as it provides a unifying factor and endless possibilities of colour combinations.

Your office party is your way of showing your appreciation to those employed and to those who have supported your business or company through out the year.


Decade and music theme parties are the most popular of the choices.

Who wouldn’t love to go to a music theme party? Good music always sets the tone, produces a good level of energy, dancing even when a lot of the dancing is not good it still makes for a good laugh which means a good time for all of your employees and guests.
Ideas for music themes for your office party would include the roaring 20′s, 50′s rock n roll, 60′s hippie party, 70′s disco party or an 80′s high energy theme party.

Another good option would be a karaoke party. For this we suggest you take a look at a site called karaoke party This is a free site that allows a platform for karaoke parties regardless of location. It is fun and easy online karaoke that also judges the performance of each song sung by employee or guest. The audience will roll around with laughter


If you have decided to throw your year end function at your office premises then you will need office furniture to support the occasion.
Bond Furniture supplies office furniture to over 3000 companies within the Johannesburg Gauteng area. For your office party you would need to take a look at our canteen and restaurant category. Bond Furniture sells a selection of cocktail chairs and tables, bar stools and bar tables, tea trolleys, steel tables and seating sets.

To purchase any of these furniture items for your event and canteen area please contact us at Bond Furniture.

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