The following office horror stories are factual and the source names and links of the stories have been provided.


“Firing a married couple who had just bought a house and were expecting their first child. The husband was simply fired because they (upper management) figured he’d be mad that his wife was fired.”

How low can company management go…


“One of my first jobs as a supervisor was to interview candidates for an administrative assistant,” Leigh S. recalls. “We scheduled a full day of screenings. Following a very wet and rainy night, some areas of our office roof were leaking and maintenance had a couple of buckets in the hallway. Not a great first impression, but hey, it was a quaint old office building. Each applicant had to complete a battery of written tests.

As one candidate dutifully sat at a desk outside my office, I heard a “crack,” a “swoosh” and then a huge splash. The ceiling tile just above the candidate had collapsed under the weight of the rain water and drenched her. Wet but unharmed, the experience clearly dampened her spirits and her prized interview suit. She immediately informed me that she was no longer interested in the job.”

“When a candidate was asked about his greatest accomplishment, he replied that it was writing a short novel. When the interviewer said, ‘No, I mean something you did while at work,’ the candidate replied, ‘But I did write it while at work!’ ”

“I was interviewing a woman when the button flew off her blouse right in the middle of the interview,” she says. “We both paused, then burst out laughing. At least she had a good sense of humour!”


We have all attended an end of the year holiday party.

Here are some experiences others have had at their year end work functions.

“At my now-years-ago temp job, around mid-December our boss scheduled a holiday lunch at a nice local restaurant. Since it was written on the master calendar and discussed several times in front of us, the other temps and I assumed everyone was invited.

Come the day of the lunch, all of a sudden the regular staff stopped talking to the temps, avoided eye contact and kept whispering amongst themselves. Turns out the temps were NOT invited to their lunch, but no one had the guts to tell us. At lunchtime, the regular staff literally snuck out of the office!

Since we hadn’t received further instructions when they left, the temps went out to lunch on our own so we wouldn’t be there when they got back. Unfortunately, that meant when we got back from lunch we temps walked in on the boss handing out presents to the regular staff; the temps got nothing. Needless to say, the rest of the day was very uncomfortable for everyone.”

“I work at a nonprofit agency of the blind, and a large percentage of our staff is blind. At the last holiday party at my office the upper management hired a DJ and told him to come up with some ice breaker games. The only ice-breaker this DJ could come up with was a game where the players had to keep toilet paper rolls in between their legs, and another player had to use a toilet plunger to try to spear the rolls from between the other persons legs.

What this amounted to was that we had a bunch of blind people thrusting a wooden plunger at each others’ crotches. It did not end well.”


“I worked at a spa, and a coworker got super-drunk and started doing a stripper dance and showing her thong to everyone. Then she reamed out another coworker, and got into a fight with her boyfriend, who also worked there.”

I hope you all enjoyed the laugh and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone from BOND FURNITURE

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