The boardroom meeting is over and my clients have invited me for lunch in their office canteen. So what makes a canteen like theirs?
Their staff canteen is based on the ground floor adjacent to the in house branch of  Nescafe Coffee.

The design is minimalistic, white walls and all fittings are done in the same colours as their brand. Very impressive, clean and up to date design. Flat screen TVs set in the walls show the news and business market channels. There is seating space for at least 200-300 people and most staff sit at modern, clean-cut fibreglass tables with six bar stool seats attached.
All in all I will say this is an attractive spacious canteen area.
At 1pm the mood shifts from calm to commotion when a long queue of chatty employees suddenly forms for the hot dishes. They regroup in rumbustious gangs around the tables. The rush is short and within forty five minutes things return to serenity.


Eating in the staff canteen is good for you.
A lot of research has been conducted into workplace eating habits. One study  found that workers who ate in office cafeterias, compared to those who brought in packed lunches, were eating more fruit and vegetables.

Another study found that the number one source of food workers were bringing along into the office was fast food. The same study also found that if healthy food was provided on site, workers were more likely to make healthier choices.

So to be sure it all depends on the quality of the food menu served in the office canteen. At this canteen I tried out their flawless chicken korma served with basmati while my clients enjoyed flaky salmon and spinach quiche and a deluxe risotto of asparagus.
You can not argue that this office canteen sounds incredible. This is exactly what makes a good pause environment in the office.

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