The Boardroom

I was informed by the receptionist that the board of directors were ready and that I could make my way through to the boardroom.

While I make my way through to the boardroom let me explain what a boardroom actually is. The boardroom, also known as the conference room or meeting room, is the room where the board of directors of a company meet.


Now that we know this is the room where the board of directors of the company meet we ask for what reason. Why do the directors of a company meet in a boardroom?

Boardrooms are used for different types of meetings which involve the decision makers of the company. These could be decisions about bringing new markets onboard, new strategies and various important factors relating to the best interests of the company.

The boardroom is also used to collaborate meetings between the company and existing and potential new clients. The boardroom can also be used for staff training and conferences. Some companies have more than one boardroom and require the rooms to be reserved by staff in advance.


Boardrooms contain office furniture which are made up of various sized boardroom tables and executive chairs (depending on the size of the room). While smaller boardrooms will only contain a table to seat six, the larger boardrooms will seat between fourteen people or more.


The boardroom should be equipped with power points for and fully customized power sets for your laptops, presentation equipment. Screens, presentation equipment and partitions should be available for video conferencing and presentations.

Coffee machines, fridges (for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages), water dispensers and glasses are a must for the directors, staff or clients attending the meetings or conferences.

For jackets, coats and those wearing hats its always a good idea to make a coat stand available.

As this is the room within the company where new ideas are being created, this means a lot of paper is needed to make new notes while a litter bin would be required for old notes not being used to be tossed in.

Now that I have given you, the reader a full description of the boardroom, the uses and what the room should be equipped with let me now attend the meeting with the board of directors of this company.

Next…Join me for lunch in the canteen area.

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